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Have you ever seen an arse do things like this before?

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I used to think my big arse was such a curse...

My size 8 jeans would fit everywhere except around my butt.
Bikini bottoms disappeared into the oblivion without my consent.
Gym shorts rode up my cheeks way too high!
Having a big arse was a constant struggle. And I couldn't think of what it would possibly be good for.

But then when I was 18, I decided to give exotic dancing a try.
I've always loved being the centre of attention, everyone who knows me knows that I was born to be on stage.
I was so excited to start, I turned up at the club ready to get started.
Management had told me not to worry about bringing an outfit, they had plenty of options there for me to choose from that I could use.
Perfect! - I thought. That was, until I arrived and saw what they were...
BOOTY SHORTS! Oh dear, what was I going to do.
There's no way my butt would be contained in a pair of those. What was I going to do!?

It was too late now to turn back, so I put the shorts on, and went out to brave the stage.

I never would have expected what happened next.

Those shorts rode right up my arse, just as I knew they would.
Revealing to all the men in the crowd, my juicy cheeks.
And as I began to dance, I could feel it moving around, totally free, nothing to hold it back.
I shook my hips from side to side and swung around on that pole with my butt popping and grinding as I did.

I did not think my audience would love it so much.
But oh they did.

So I did it some more. This time, demonstrating my favourite pulse squat which I usually reserve for in the gym.
The crowd was practically roaring now!

They wanted more.
But what could I possibly do to top of my act?

There was this one move, something I had seen in a music video.
Honestly it looked kind of slutty, but I'd always secretly wanted to try it.

And so I did, right there on that stage, in my black booty shorts, black stripper heels, and black see through crop top.

I did THAT move, the one a girl isn't supposed to do in public!

And, they, LOVED it!

To be real with you, I actually don't even know the name of this move. And it's too hard to describe in writing.
It's the kind of thing you need to see for yourself.

Luckily, I snapped a quick video.
If you want to see it, contact me now.
You can't miss this one.

Text or email me now!

Bianca xo


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