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Why Paying Deposits is Important

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Hi, thanks for reading my diary entries! I’ve been really feeling irritation from not receiving pre bookings and deposits for tours. I’d like to explain why it’s important to support escorts in this way.

When I book a tour to a smaller town or even interstate my attendance requires me to pay for flights, accommodation and also have enough for food etc...

Can you imagine outlaying upwards of a thousand dollars and then to not receive any bookings or maybe only one or two which won’t even cover costs? The smart way to tour is to do so on the back of pre bookings WITH deposits. This way costs are covered and you’ve nothing to lose.

Lately I’ve cancelled three tours, just small ones, to local Melbourne towns only a couple of hours drive from the CBD. These tours were only overnight so I didn’t suffer financial loss in that I hadn’t paid any flights or accommodation YET.

So I’m the weeks leading up, despite advertising I hadn’t received a single enquiry. BUT, on the afternoon I was due to arrive (after having already decided to not go) I had five enquiries. None of whom were willing to pay deposits. Should I book accommodation and drive to Ballarat because I ‘might’ get a booking later that evening? If I did so without deposits, I’m hundreds of dollars out of pocket. Can you see where I’m coming from?

Escorts ask for bookings with deposits to firstly get a committed client and an organised diary when touring, but to also pay our costs associated in touring without the risk of ending up out of pocket.

If you want the best from your paid companion, it’s imperative to give the best of yourself and making a great first impression. It guarantees you will get the most out of your time with the escort of your choice and that she knows you’re confident and committed to the time she sets aside for you. It ask means she can afford her tour and will go ahead with it!

Pre book with deposits to ensure tours go ahead.

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