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The End of One Year, the Beginning of the Next...

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During this time of year when everyone is drawn in to a frenzy, the urge to finish projects and fulfill commitments drives us forward and we feel like we are burned out, tired or overwhelmed. It’s not just regular folk feeling like this! It’s quite possibly your chosen service provider as well! (Who is in fact regular folk!).

It’s been a huge year for most people I know, and many of us are looking forward to next year; a New Year with opportunity to grow, enjoy new love, find peace and for some, travel the world or start a family...hey if you’re a simple bitch like me you can even change your hair!

In a relatively convoluted way, what I’m trying to remind you of is that just as you may feel tired, stressed, anxious or busy so may too your escort. I feel like sometimes clients forget that paid companions are literally normal people. We suffer through the usual anxieties and dilemmas that all people do. We don’t step straight off an advertisement and we aren’t 2D. We have flaws, faults and are imperfectly human just as you are. Please try to remember that when navigating communication through email or text.

You cannot take people at face value when your first impression of them is literally a photograph of their face or body. Although we try and encapsulate our personalities in a short spiel, it’s more than likely that when you meet us we are far more than you ever imagined!

Happy New Year to lovers past and present.

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