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The Beauty of Meeting New Clients

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I haven’t written a diary entry for quite some time. For me, writing is always best done when you have something to say! So here I am, writing with purpose.

I’d like to talk about how good it feels to meet new clients. In my experience most people who book me for a first meeting are polite, personable and genuinely look forward to our rendezvous. Our communication leading up to our time together is although usually succinct, still friendly and gives the mutual impression that we are going to be just fine together. It’s only on a rare occasion that someone upon first contact pushes my boundaries or shows disrespect and with these types of enquiries I either determine whether we will be a good fit and proceed or decline the booking invitation or, I try and set us off on a better foot by providing some clear and concise booking requirements through a standardised text message entailing what I need from them.

Once the arrangements are made, there’s anticipation, excitement and sometimes some nerves (usually on the clients side as I’m always excited and eager to discover a new human companion). Then as the day approaches I send a confirmation message or email and spend some personal time to plan our encountert by choosing an outfit, some lingerie and depending on whether it’s an hour, a dinner, overnight or a weekend I might organise our meals, some recreational activities and sometimes some romance! It all depends on what we’ve communicated about expectations and desires.

And that’s what is most important; communication. It’s a first impressions matter situation. You’re approaching a professional who is well regarded in their field and who has a reputation to uphold. It’s in my interest to make the process as uncomplicated as possible while maintaining an initial connection to see us through to the date of our planned meeting.

I can assure you that my gentle and fun nature, the ease with which all my clients experience my service and the true enjoyment I feel upon sharing joyful time with a newcomer whether new to me only or new to professional companionship will make this meeting memorable.

So don’t be shy, don’t let fear hold you back from spending time with a beautiful woman. I love my work- let me show you...

Beth x

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