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Reviews: necessary and useful or a judgment of misogyny

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Hello lovers and potential lovers alike! Thank you for continuing to get to know me through these little conversations I share (they’re really just my musings as I sit multi tasking; probably watching a documentary, reading a book and writing a diary entry all at once).

Let’s look at the topic of REVIEWS. I have a few now, since I came ‘face-out’ a month or so ago with my new advertisement. I can’t rightly say whether I ‘like’ them or not. Whilst I recognise they can be helpful for potential lovers to decide if they want to meet us, there is a part of me that doesn’t prescribe to review culture and actually shirks it.

As an advertiser on SB I can choose to disallow reviews. I’ve permitted them thus far, on the basis that the reviews haven’t been explicit or disrespectful and have not felt, upon reading them, ‘objectifying’ to my person. My position could change, any time. Until then, I appreciate the time my clients put aside to write about the way they feel when sharing my company and I’m grateful if it helps my business and encourages new clients to decide to see me.

If I could review myself I would have this to say: “Beth is charming, smiley and easy going in nature. Her witty quips gave me a giggle and I felt immediately comfortable in her presence. I did sense an underlying sexual energy within her that drew my gaze to her bright blue eyes, sensual lips and flushed high cheek bones. Her body is lithe. She walks in a way a woman who is sure of her place in the world does; she’s in control and knows who she is and she’s happy where she’s at. Service wise, she loves to kiss. She takes control positioning herself over me and raining kisses over my whole body...I let her have her way with me. Beth is like the hot wife you secretly desire. She makes sure your needs are met...and she’s a lioness in bed.”

I’m smiling as I write my own review. There’s an element of fiction and whimsy when writing reviews. It’s kind of fact recalling combined with the recollection of your own mental pornography recorded during the intimacy you shared. And it should be respectful if you respect yourself. It shouldn’t be salacious, vindictive or insulting.

When people who consider themselves a ‘sexpert’ or a glorified and self appointed sex work service provider ‘compass’ deciding who is ‘good’ or ‘bad’ determine that they will write a negative, harmful and outright abusive review, we touch upon the misogyny that is unfortunately still inherent in our society.

This toxic masculinity is everywhere but it isn’t everyone. Majority of the men who choose to spend time with a paid companion have the utmost respect for the beautiful woman who also chooses to spend time with him in return. These men are simply delightful and I relish them. The conversation, the laughs, the touch, taste, sights and sounds all amount to a wonderful evening. However there are men who see companions as objects. And they treat them so.

These men will often write scathing accounts of their time with the service provider and write a review that not only can damage her business but also her sense of self. They comment about her physical appearance, her mannerisms, her conversation, her clothing and sadly, her ‘service’. What benefit would this review have? We all have objective view points and no one has the exact same experience as another due to the fact that we are all completely different on a cellular level.

I can assure you, if you go in to a meeting with a provider with the intent of picking her apart and then recount your experience only to denigrate her publicly in order to feed your deep seated loathing of women, she will know this as soon as you meet. She will feel your toxic masculinity.

The service you get is relative to the service you yourself gives; it’s not a one way street. Sexual intimacy is between TWO (or more) people, not just you. If you have a positive outlook on how you’d like to spend your time, nine time’s out of ten that is exactly how your time will get spent. It’s not positive thinking, it’s simply respect. For you and your companion.

Meet me with a smile,
Beth xxx

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