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I often get asked by clients whether I prefer people
who book to spend a long time with me or an hour. Honestly, I have no preference. The enjoyment really is in the pleasure of giving my time and whatever else is on the menu, not the length of time.

Sometimes during a booking with a gentleman our time will pass only to find that we’ve gone over time or on occasion someone will need to leave earlier than planned. It really can be a fluid arrangement. I allow for the time you book and then it’s your choice whether we spend it all together or not.

Quantity does not equate quality. An hour of intense connection could indeed feel like more than an hour or it may feel like less. Watching the clock does no body any favours and it takes us out of the present moment, which is where the pleasure and unity is.

So when you’re with a provider and she’s lavishing your body, mind and soul with her beauty and let’s face it, magnificence, don’t look at the clock, just stay in the moment. Feel, breathe, luxuriate. Professional companionship IS a luxury, a treat, a’s many things. And if there’s one thing I’m sure of, quantity will not trump quality and the assurance of ‘quality’ is equal parts your responsibility.

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