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Dinners, overnights, weekends and why I enjoy them!

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Hello beautiful people of the world, I hope you’re enjoying our lovely Spring weather and relishing in the new ideas and visions for future projects and adventures that will be naturally occupying some of your time. Spring is always a time for re-birth.

What I’d like to talk about is how much and the reasons why, I feel extended meetings or dinner dates are so enjoyable and enriching.

Sometimes we just want a physical release. In these moments, half an hour or an hour are suitable times to spend with your choice of companion. However, there are other times when we need more than that; we want a connection, we want to ‘know’ who the person is that we are sharing our release with.

During these times, conversation, intimacy, dicusssion, ‘getting-to-know-you’ meetings are valuable entrees to a delectable dessert.

Never underestimate the power of intimacy. It can take what is ‘great’ to new heights. Most of us have had one night stands and while they’re ‘great’, if we really take the time to meet minds with another, what builds is a phenomenal immediate attraction and a level of comfort that adds up to an enhanced, climactic experience for both parties.

Don’t forget that a woman’s greatest erogenous zone is her mind. If you truly want amazing sex, know her mind and show her yours.

Beth x

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