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I can’t believe I actually have to spell this out...

Asking for illegal services leaves me assuming you’re either a cop or a dickhead, so don’t if you want me to accept your booking request. I find this really fucking annoying and end the contact the moment anything illegal is requested. I don’t compromise you, I expect not to be in return. This isn’t about being a prude, I also have a personal life I seek to protect and am not the least bit interested in being fined with infringement, charged or have to go to court where I could be named and shamed in front of media because I’ve been so stupid to accept in writing any illegal request. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out how to use common sense does it. So please, don’t be a dickhead.

The cops are heavily regulating the industry, don’t be stupid and put us both at risk for fuck sake.

I accept Australian currency only. No, I do not party. That means that you can’t pay for your booking with drugs, Australian currency is the only form of payment.

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