escort diary of Belinda Campbell

My life before escorting.............

Okay so here goes! This is a bit of a condensed insight into my life before I became an escort!

As a teenager I dreamed of a life filled with excitement & danger. So like most Australians I travelled to the UK & worked in London for 12 months. It was far from exciting but I knew I needed to travel more.

Upon returning home, with the now intense desire for excitement & danger burning even greater than ever before, I decided to join the navy. For the next 10 years I served with both the hydrographic & submarine service. After spending 8 years at sea in total I decided my time in the navy had come to an end as I longed for another adventure!

Within months of leaving I accepted a position in the Middle East working for an airline that would open up the world to me even more. In the two years that followed, I travelled in a whirlwind to Africa, Asia, Europe & all through the Middle East. Living in a foreign country not knowing the language or customs presented daily difficulties that I learnt to adjust to & enjoy.

Having spent so much time away from home, I decided it was time to come back & settle into a 'normal' life. I tried my hardest to conform to the day-to-day confines of 'normality', enrolling into university & becoming a health professional. It would be my time at uni where I would discover the enchanting world of escorting...........

On a daily basis I interact with some of the most incredibly accomplished and interesting men & women. All uniquely beautiful. The life of an escort enables me with opportunities to continue to pursue personal growth and freedom in ways that I never dreamed of before.....

Belinda Xx
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