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Why should I pay a deposit?

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Hi there, prospective lover/s!

So you've stumbled upon my profile and you're wondering if it's worth taking the plunge - indulging yourself with some time with me - whether you are a regular in places like this, or it's your very first time, I'd like to explain why I request deposits for bookings and what it means for you and I.

Deposits are a way to secure my time, and an hour on either side of the time you've requested. I make sure that I am freshly showered, my make up is done all for you and I am unhurried for your arrival. I don't back to back book myself without this sort of time between bookings so that you have an amazing time with me. It means that our time doesn't start the moment you walk in the door, and I'm not pushing you out the door to get another one in. If I wanted that type of environment for myself, I would be in an establishment.

I am all about quality over quantity and want to make sure that you are the focus of our time together.

To go on tour, I have to make sure that I pack all the things that might be needed, and so if you want something specific to end up in my suitcase, a deposit also makes sure that I'll have it packed, for you (lingerie, outfit, toys, bondage)

Deposits show me that you are serious about your time and mine. I can guarantee that I never double book.

It also is a way for me to screen you, because in this world of pleasure and decadence, there is a level of anonymity and while that makes it even more thrilling and tantalising to our senses, I do have to be careful for my safety. It might seem silly to you, but this helps me and is a method of screening. I don't ask for ID (unless I think you are under-age or you have no other way to be screened), and I have methods that don't leave any obvious traces at your end to protect your confidentiality too.

** Why do you ask for $150 per hour? **

It was $100 per hour, however I had too many clients pay the deposit then cancel with less than 24 hours notice, meaning I had turned away other bookings for that time frame and then had cancelled bookings. Which is a lose/lose for everyone.

** What happens if I need to cancel? **

It depends.

- If you book me once a tour is confirmed, I can either hold it to another tour (for the next immediate tour in the same area) or it's kept by me.

- If you need to move to another day that I'm on tour, I'm happy to accommodate that around any other pre-existing bookings and I do try to keep a couple of slots of time open for things like that.

- For Sydney to Newcastle bookings if you cancel within 48 hours though, the deposit is kept. More than 48 hours, I can change the date or refund the deposit.

- If I cancel (which unless it's an emergency, I won't cancel), I will refund or transfer the deposit to another date, with no hesitation.

** How do you take deposits? **

I use three methods, bank transfer (which can be deposited via a Smart ATM), BeemIt (an app that leaves only "BeemIt" on your bank statement) or a ticketing site that you can use a Credit Card for, and leaves just the name of the ticketing site on your bank statement.

** How do I know your real? **

Check out my Twitter, my Instagram (though I'm not as active there because of censorship), my website - I have profiles on other advertising platforms, message me and I'm happy to send you links. I try not to change my images too often, but since I love self shooting and shooting with photographers, I do change them up relatively often. If you are serious about booking me, then I'm happy to have a chat via the phone.

Have I convinced you? Maybe, maybe not. Either way, I wanted to give some insight as to why I ask for deposits and what it means to me - and perhaps others like myself.

Much love,

Ava xx

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