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I Surrender to be His Play Thing..

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Undeniably, I like to be watched...

I have a desire within me. A desire to be gazed upon - watched as though no one is watching.
Every moan, every deep thrust. My breath shortens, my body arches, everything tightens...
His strong hands pin me down. He jolts my body with excitement.
He knows my body so well...
I’m dominated by a force of masculinity, I surrender to be his play thing...

Your invitation awaits you.. Spectate from the sidelines. Immerse yourself in the thrill of watching and enjoying your viewing pleasures.

Carefully observe two people with a genuine chemistry while we go crazy with each other. Our sexual connection is intense, nothing is forced or staged. The experience - Natural and charismatically sexy.

Truthfully, there is a little bit of a voyeur in all of us. We enjoy watching other people do things, no matter how mundane. For example reality TV. (You’re not in the drama you’re binging, but you are watching the people like a fly on the wall.) Or basically anything on YouTube or social media.

Give in to temptation..
RSVP to your invitation. I’ll see you when I’m cumming...

Love Ava

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