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A Small Gift to Yourself

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We live in a world full of perfection with projection, consumerism, constantly having images thrashed into our lives on the daily.
How we should look, how we should dress, what gimmick product is “now” trending, how we should eat, train, drink, fuck.. The list is endless..
Its easy to get caught up in this bullshit and if you’re not careful it can result in you questioning if you’re doing life right, Will the next product make us any happier than the last, are we pretty enough? Skinny enough, muscular enough? Attractive to the opposite sex, same sex.. See the list is endless.....

What do most people do first thing in the morning? What’s the first thing they touch? Is it the person beside them or is it their phone with an ugly sounding alarm blasting out of it?

Although this may sound contradictive.. I’m lucky enough to live in a beautiful high rise apartment which is immersed in beautiful sunshine all year round (unless of course its raining).
The last few months I’ve started sleeping with my curtains slightly drawn, the balcony doors wide open. The summer heat thus far hasn’t had me resorting to “needing” to sleep with the air con on. I’ve even been able to convince myself that the evening noise resembles ocean waves rolling in. If you listen close enough, you’ll convince yourself too.
I’ve been waking up naturally to the move of my own groove, waking with sunshine kissing my skin. Waking prior to my alarm going off.
I’ve been placing my phone (with its kind bird chirping, rain, chime sounding alarm in my kitchen) - I don’t even negotiate with it until I’ve taken my dog for a walk and ingested enough coffee. They are the rules I play by.

The first thing I touch each morning is my heart, my bare skin. I bask in the sunshine. I look around me and I’m grateful for everything I have, everyone in my life, everyone and everything I love.
I am grateful beyond words. I cuddle my doggo and let him snuggle in a little closer.

This is my way of being kind, compassionate to my heart and my soul.
A small gift like this each morning brings so many rewards throughout the day.

I am humble, I am grateful and I am ready to love.

Be kind to yourself and thank yourself. Sometimes it’s the small things like this that pave our days to be full of greatness.

With love

Ava xx

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