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I remember that Billy Joel’s ‘Always a Woman’ had come onto my playlist.

We were lying there, unable to speak, I could hear the gaps in your sighs as you tried to think of something to say, but there was nothing. I'm okay with that, I think there’s a beauty in silence - post coital clouds of empty words linger and drift away in their own natural time. A tear rolled down my cheek, but it wasn’t sadness, just an overwhelming sense of euphoric satisfaction. I was overcome. It was taking me some time for my mind to return down to the soft, dishevelled bed, and my breathe some time to settle into a rested rhythm.

I hadn’t looked at you yet, and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to. The expression across my face, I couldn’t control it, and I wasn’t sure if the intensity was mutual yet - though, I knew you were satiated. If nothing else, I’d done my job.

I close my eyes and just draw out the moment. It may have been a few seconds, or 10 minutes, I was happy to drown in it for a fraction longer. Then arrives that tender, newly familiar feeling of your lips on mine, and my eyes are open again. You’re there, over me again, kissing me. I guess there are no words for what just happened. I can feel the heat down my back, like leftover burns from the electricity that took over me, only minutes ago. I moan as you kiss me, softer than before, and my pussy remembers every little detail of the fucking that ensued. The puddle on the bed and the sweat in my hair are remnants of the carnal electrocution that took place. You slip a hand under the curve of my spine and pull me up into your embrace and spiralling down into the madness of lust once again.

There are no words in this space we find ourselves in, that’s why we fuck. There’s only pleasure and longing for the chemistry we had thrown between us. We’re spent but in awe of it, and after a momentary stumble for latex, I feel you push back into me again, like you’re paying homage to my body and all it offers you. We fuck slowly and intuitively this time. Our hunger satiated but like a craving for dessert on a full stomach. My legs naturally close around you and entrap us both into a moment we will forever find hard to let go of.

It’s here, in this moment that we find each other, as a means of finding within ourselves the depths of our desires. It’s beyond a service list, it’s not kink and yet it’s so much more than vanilla. This is the very core of ourselves unfolding in a sequence of collision and epiphany, You could call it value for money, but there just isn’t words to call it anything at all.

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