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Using 'down time' positively

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The sex industry is one that ebbs and flows. While it can be a lucrative career endeavour, it can come with some slow patches and weeks where outgoings can outstretch incomings. It can certainly, when a heavy social media user, be a little rough on the self esteem, though thankfully I am fortunate enough to have a steady flow of regulars to know that my bases are covered. But that can still leave a lot of downtime if you are a full-time hoe. Too much time to think is a dangerous thing. It could be very easy, I know - I am guilty of it, to binge watch Netflix depressedly in your pyjamas and feel sorry for yourself, but recently I was inspired by someone I really admire to turn my downtime into something more positive. And so I've started writing lists.

I've written some pretty dumb lists to be honest lol, but some of these are very important to achieve my goals. I mean, I've always known roughly what my goals sort of are, but writing them down in this manner has certainly inspired me to start crossing some of the smaller parts of the big goals off. I mean a big goal is made up of lots of little baby steps, and I realise with some regret I've been treading water, instead of actively working towards these goals.

And so, I am currently a woman on a mission. There are subtle changes being made in the background of Asha right now. You'll notice little improvements on my website, a refocusing of my client attention to where I naturally excel (for example I have dropped my Snapchat because I hate selfies, but begun a newsletter), new photoshoot ideas, some personal development in my skillsets and more touring plans for the next financial year, and some mind and body goals that will surely translate into my sexual self. My rather pretty new leather planner is already filling up fast.

That isn't to say that I don't love being busy with the fun aspects of my lifestyle, but you know it's awfully fucking satisfying crossing things off a list, don't you think? You reap what you sow after all.

If you haven't been to my personal website for a while, pop on over and sign up to my newsletter which is on my contact page, and follow this journey with me.

Asha xx

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