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In Search of Connection

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Here I share with you a short excerpt from my recent blog, 'Can't Get Any', which can be found on my website.

"I not think that any motivation to see sex workers is more moral than another. I do not categorise nor care, only that what is done is done with dignity and respect - and it is. I am so tired of the sordid, lurid slant so often given to men who seek out sex, because sex isn’t shameful. It’s a natural thing that lives in us, instinctual and fundamental to the survival of our species and there aren’t too many things left in this world that are driven by instinct and human connection anymore. Even now as I’m attempting to connect with you in this moment, it’s nothing, there’s little humanness left in this platform and I rely solely on a keyboard and a loose ability to spew nonsense to elicit some kind of connection. And don’t we just need so much more?

This is the fundamentals of the sex industry. There is always sex, scandal and beautiful weirdness but it all boils down to the humanness of it and the flailing connections we make in life, and how men more and more, turn to those who can help them find it. I’m not a psychologist nor could I envy their position but I sure can’t see anything wrong with reaching out in a time where so often we are pushed away."

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