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You’ve been watching her from afar. You’ve seen her soft, supple skin. You’ve watched her laugh and interact and she’s a natural at it, or so it appears. It’s alluring to you, but intimidating. You’ve never been with a girl like that. There have been awkward fumbles and moments, but they passed by and the moments seemed to fall through your fingertips like sand, and all this time later, you’re alone and wondering where you went wrong.

You’re not uneducated on matters of the flesh, you’ve watched enough porn that you’re wondering if it’s been too much. Are you desensitised or disinterested? Sometimes it’s hard to tell. There just isn’t anything quite like the real thing and the porn and the dreams don’t come anywhere close to those fleeting moments that you couldn’t hold on to. It isn’t just beauty you crave but just the ability to lose yourself for those few moments again in the flesh, warmth and welcoming.

Booking that escort can be intimidating though. Largely, sex workers are astute and come with a set of standards. You worry you won’t be good enough and you worry that you may leave feeling more deflated than you came in. You do not need more humiliation in the world of intimacy, it’s easy enough to find that in our harsh and unforgiving world. Will she notice your acne scars? Will she laugh if you aren’t able to perform how you’d like? What if she notices that you don’t understand fashion? What if in the moments of silence, you can’t get the words to leave your mouth that you want to say? What if she sees through you into those insecurities you try so hard to keep hidden. Being so vulnerable is both exciting and horrifying all at once.

To my dearest clients. I see you without any judgement. If you have passed through my booking process and you’re arriving at my door - I have already deemed you fuckable. I do not notice the state of your complexion, clothes or appearance. I will never belittle you or make you feel small. Unless you specifically ask me to… ;) When you walk through my door I will always greet you with a smile and make you feel welcome. Whether you’re half my size or twice my size, whether you’re a bubbly, outgoing dude or a shy, shaky nervous wreck. It is my duty to you, to try and make you feel as comfortable as possible without feeling judged or unwanted. I want you here. I want your company and your business. I never concern myself with whether you’re Brad Pitt-ish, funny, experienced or exceptionally generous - I am only ever concerned with how you respect and listen to me. Oh, and good personal hygiene helps too…
Respect and common courtesy is all that’s expected of you in my house.

It hurts me to read of sex workers who seem to forget that it’s our job to entertain clients, and not the other way around - I think that attitude hurts our industry as a whole. As someone who can at times be a bit socially awkward in my personal life, I understand that not all clients are going to be extroverted and easy to engage with. In my experience, the confidence of a man entering my world is often quite low, and it’s my goal that it’s increased by the time he leaves. Confidence and relaxed social demeanour do not come naturally to everyone, and that’s okay. We all like to be entertained, but entertainment and satisfaction come in all forms, and for me, I am a born nurturer and the greatest satisfaction for me is a happy client.

So please, lovers, step away from the mirror, relax your shoulders and be assured that you won’t be judged in my presence. Don’t fret if you can’t find the right words at the right time- I talk enough for the both of us! And silence is something that doesn’t scare me. I embrace it in the right moments, so if you’re lying there worrying that you’re not talking, roll with it. Take the moments to concentrate on the touch of that soft supple skin against you, connecting with you, welcoming you, reassuring you. Don’t stress about your size, or your skin or worrying about any judgments, they do not live here. In the world of sex work, a good escort is one who judges you only by the level of respect you show her, and that is the standard you should hold us to.

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