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I've written before about touring, and here I am writing about it again.

You see, touring is something I have done alot before. There was a time in New Zealand where I lived on the road, and touring was my life. I enjoyed it. But I also missed the sensation of home, and I'm terrible at living out of a suitcase!

I am one of those fortunate people to have found a place where they would like to put down roots, my Brisbane, a place that I love. And so the novelty of constant touring wore off as soon as I arrived. For the first time in my life, I feel really settled.

It's my choice today that I will only be touring in future to places that I would like to see for personal enjoyment. While I love to meet new clients, the expense, stress and anxiety of touring can be quite overwhelming. And I really, really hate airports. As I fall deeper in comfort with my home, my routine and local clientele, I find it harder and harder to leave for escorting purposes.

So my solution to this is bribery. I am bribing myself for my next tour with a bucket list item in a holiday spot. And another place I'd like to tour in the future, I will be bribing myself with another bucket list item there, and so on and so forth. This way a 'tour' is half holiday, half escorting.

So this isn't a retirement from touring that I'm announcing today, but an announcement that places that are not on my touristy agenda will no longer be on my list of to-dos. I do not tour often as it is, but more and more I'm less drawn to random towns, but the nature that I love so much about this beautiful country. I will still be offering 'fly me to you' arrangements throughout Australasia. I'd love to meet you all, I really would, but I need to be happy within myself so I can greet you with the warmth and vivaciousness you deserve and expect of me.

If I cannot meet you by the sea, meet me in Brisbane.

Asha XXX

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