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Periodically, I publish silly little poems (affectionally known as hoe-ms) on Social Media. It lightens the mood, but also it's just a little bit of fun for me and the community. Here is a small sample for you to enjoy - for others, be sure to follow me on Twitter - @TheAshaFox.

Language sensitive people need not read further!

If you wanna go longer
You can have a wank
But you run the risk
Of emptying the tank

You're much better off
To tease her and to lick
Than trying to fuck her
With a worn out dick

Doggy style and cowgirl
A work out in the nude
All the things we do in bed
Make me want more food

This is why you'd better
Like a girl with meat
Because the more you fuck me
The more I'm gonna eat!

Pull back your foreskin
Have a little scrub
Got to get all spic and span
Rub a dub dub

If you want that sexy time
A girl to make you cum
Best get right in there
Lather up your bum

If you want a hot girl
You have to do your bit
Then when you are all squeaky clean
It's time to find her clit!

Give me lots of notice
It takes time to prepare
I need to have a shower
Do makeup and my hair

I need to clean my incall
Deal with my cat
It takes an hour or two
To fix up all of that

I might be at the gym
Or with another man
Enjoying time with people
Who think ahead and plan!

I like clients
They are smart
They pay my rent
Not break my heart

Civvy boys suck
They are lame
Cheat on me
Play dumb games

I deserve people
Who treat me well
I’m trading boys
For clientele

You met her on tinder
Did some flirting at the bar
You got well acquainted
In the backseat of your car

It was really fun at first
She gave you lots of head
Now it’s rather different
She’d rather sleep instead

She wants to meet your parents
She’s fallen hard for you
You’re starting to regret now
Not using Scarlet Blue

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