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Hi lovely people,
After having another long break, I am ready to make a comeback. Feeling excited to start touring and get back to a busy lifestyle again. One week tour to Melbourne is right around the corner! From Monday 23/01 - 30/01/2017. Don't hesitate to make a booking by SMS 0432 146 855 to indulge in with me : )

What did I do during my break? Personalised gym training and carefully intake choosing motivated by my encouraging personal trainer add a brilliance to my luscious body which gets even sexier and boost my energy level. I've never felt so good. Can't wait for you fine gentlemen to explore and enjoy. I have also been to the a few amazing concerts, fine dining and beautiful shows like ballet that I didn't get chance to do due to my other commitment in the past. Also read a few books that was on my book list long time ago which I absolutely enjoyed. Lots of laughter and joy during reunion with friends and family online and offline. Enrolling a new course to assist with my future career planning. Although I love working as an escort, I still think it is important to have another formal job at the same time to balance my life and have routine. And shopping for a few more pieces of exquisite lingerie and make ups for our luxury encounter. Anyway, it was a productive break. Feeling both mentally and physically refreshed now.

What is interesting is that every time when I am on a break, I thought I would never come back to this industry again but after a few weeks or months, I started to miss it so much: the adventurous experience, being spoiled by my lovely clients, the powerful feeling brought by my irresistible seduction and many more ...

Who will be the lucky ones to encounter me in romance during my Melbourne tour? Looking forward to it with excitement : )

Aring xx

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