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In our society men are taught as they grow up to bottle their emotions, be the man, don't cry and never show deep raw emotional intimacy and let alone connection, they do these things they're preyed upon as weak. Why is this so?

Because men are to be seen as strong and those traits make them appear small & weak

Because men are supposed to pursue hierarchy status, purpose, career and power rather than surrender totally to their soul, to love fiercely, show raw vulnerability and deep intimacy.

During this behavioural attempt to affirm their self-worth in society as strong, powerful and capable, men in this process become ripped of their rights to express feelings in a healthy and authentic way to themselves.

Unfortunately, during periods of drunkenness is when their true feelings come upon the surface. whereby they can then express these numb feelings. And because they've hidden these emotions away for so long they explode like a volcano... erupt like hot smouldering lava. triggering very unhealthy ways of And of course when emotions explode with alcohol or a flight or fight, or even both.

Keeping these emotions inside and erupting of such leads to destructive behaviors such as aggression, shaming, blaming, addiction, finger pointing, negating, control, an obsession with freedom, and a strong attachment to being right... self entitlement.

Now, imagine, if our men of society could be allowed to feel the rawness and power of sensuality of their bodies and emotions freely without being shamed?

And imagine, if they were allowed in safety in life to express how they feel and what "they" need?

My theory is what most men truly want is to feel loved, connected and alive – and yet far too often they allow the shame of their emotions to keep them distant, detached, and depressed.

As a provider for men I encourage a man’s sensuality and emotional body through my own example and also through: learning how to hold space for a man’s feminine with my own masculine and; through Tantric connective touch.

To make a man feel safe and encouraging him emotionality and his sensuality so that he feels safe to move towards love instead of away from love is a break through in energy diversion.

To all you lions, I have your back

Tantric Kisses, Lisa

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