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I started this profession not so long ago. I say profession as just like every professions it has its tricks and know hows. I’ve been in a completely different industry before where I really enjoyed what I did and had a brilliant career. But change is always good and I believe it always brings something better even if you may not see it at certain times.

I was and am still hoping to meet intelligent men who are great conversational partners too apart from being great Lovers. So far I consider myself very lucky as whoever I met appreciated my intelligence and found me being not only a sexy woman but an inspiring companion too. We had interesting conversations and shared parts of our lives. I believe to form a connection there has to be trust. If someone trusts me with their honesty I will not betray their trust and keep whatever we talk about confidential.

I had lots of inquiries which I do not understand to be honest. For example… Someone called me claiming he is a pilot and wanted me for 6 hours paying $3500. The same day he called. It was after 1 o’clock and I haven’t had anything to eat that day yet, just had my lunch on the table. He was surprised that I wanted to eat when he thought he will take me out for lunch. Since he lived quite far I asked for a deposit which he said he transferred online. Than he was incapable of sending me a screenshot of the transfer saying he has no idea how to do it on his blackberry. I suggested to ask google, our friend, he pretty much ignored it. Than started to panic even swearing, saying he just wasted $500 as he can’t send me confirmation and I must work for some pimp. I rejected all his acquisitions and even hang up on him as I do not tolerate filthy language. I offered to pay his money back when it arrives. It never did. I wasted more than an hour with this person and was honest all the way. What’s the point to lie about who you are and waste someone’s time? I don’t get it… I am sure this is just the top of the iceberg and girls being a sex worker for a longer time have lots and lots of stories to tell.

I like to see the joy and pleasure my presence causes and leaves behind. I hope to meet more inspiring men and add value to each others’ lives. If you are one of these guys don’t hesitate and spend some time with me!

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