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Combining Culinary & Intimate Pleasures

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I would like to tell you my dear Lovers, how I became a great cook. I know it may sound a bit too confident saying ’I’m a great cook’ but my friends say I could even become a chef hence the confidence.

Till the age of 33 I wasn’t interested in cooking at all. I had a full time job which required sometimes 10-12 hours work, cooking was the last thing on my mind that’s for sure. Sex was far more ahead, couldn’t be tired enough, haha.
So all I did in the kitchen was my morning coffee then I was off to work. Sometimes I widened my repertoir with scrambled or fried eggs, tea and coffee. At least I was the master of these. :)
Wherever I worked there always was a cafeteria where I could have a hot meal a day. I also lived very close to my mum who is a great cook so over the weekends I just walked or cycled over to her place for a good feed. I didn’t see the point to learn to cook, it just seemed to be a lot of hassle.

After a while I was thinking… ’if I want a man in my life I need to learn to cook’. As the saying goes ’there is a straight way to a man’s heart though his stomach’. So there it was… the desire not only in the bedroom but it reached my kitchen too.
I started with baby steps, not learning from my mum as lot of girls do but finding easy recipes in magazines. One of my first dishes was fried vedgetables with some panfried meat. I packed up a picknic basket and we had a nice time with a friend of mine in a local park. She was actually proud of me. :)
I realized that cooking can be fun! I always listened to my favorite music, had a glass of wine, ejoyed my time. If your heart’s in the activity too than meals will turn out delicious. The time… well, that was a crucial factor. Whatever I made took for ages… Sometimes when I felt inspired I started to cook something at 10 pm. I lived on my own so didn’t bother anyone. And it took however long it took. But the next day I could proudly tell my friends what I had made and they started to come over to my place for dinner too.

I live on my own. I like it this way. I am very hospitable and do not have too many friends in Australia. I can’t cook for one (ladies who are possibly reading this, you know how it is, don’t you?) and to be honest don’t even want to. Not so long ago I had this brilliant idea, why not combine my culinary skills and other intimate pleasures?! Some man do not like to show in public and go on a dinner date, plus you have to ’behave’ there anyway. So come to my place and I will please you with not only my charismatic company but with fantastic meals form around the world too! I like to buy cooking magazines and books, explore new recipies and spend my time with creating.

So come, be my guest and let me surprise you with something and someone delicious!


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