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Written January 2017

I have been in this industry for about a year and the first thing I realised is that there is no one definition of beauty. I have spent some time trying to figure out my place in this industry. Having sat back and watched others and trying to fit in, I finally figured out 'my brand'. It's me. I can't pretend to be anything more than genuine. It is this discovery that has led me to write my introduction in this manner. I am about as real as they get. I am a terrible liar and will never put on an act to get bookings.

I have a kind and gentle soul that is always wanting to help others. I will never stop looking for the good in people. I seem to have a way of making people feel calm and relaxed. So warning you may end up opening up to me in ways you hadn't anticipated.

I take pride in my appearance and will always be appropriately dressed for any occasion however I prefer a natural look and will not have huge hair and overdone makeup unless specifically requested.
I am an introvert, the mysterious woman in the corner of the room having in depth discussions with one or two people. I have always thought of myself as elegant and a true lady that knows how to behave in any situation. I look completely innocent in social settings. However behind closed doors it's a different story. I was a good christian girl going to heaven before I lost my virginity and in the wise words of pringles 'Once you pop you can't stop!' haha

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