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Hi Guys,

So, I thought I should explain why I ask for pre booking requests only when I am touring. The reason for this, is so I can gauge whether the tour will be financially feasible. In the past it's been a little frustrating when I've set a tour date for let's say, Hobart for instance and I have very little interest. Then because of this I decide it's probably not worth my efforts of booking flights, hotel etc. But then, on the day, I'm bombarded with texts asking to make a booking when I initially thought it wouldn't be worth my time to tour, therefore cancelling the tour and people getting disappointed by this. I'm not being a prude or snob for asking for pre bookings only, its simply so I can get an idea of whether its worth my time to come to your state or country. I know work commitments for most people make this a little hard at times and thats totally fine, I understand this. If this is the case then you can always send me a little message explaining that you can't secure a booking because you're not 100% but you just wanted to register your interest. This is totally fine for you to do :) obviously this doesn't secure you a spot but atleast it gives me a little more insight on what my diary may look like. You can always try your luck when I'm on tour, for a same day booking but if all clients left it until the last minute then it would likely result in me cancelling the tour. So please, if you can make the arrangements ahead it will be greatly appreciated. :)

Hugs & Kisses
Amy xox

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