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Sometimes on rainy days like today I find myself reading other escorts Twitter pages (even though I don't have one) and came across a page that is anti a certain escort review forum within Australia. These escort review forums are all over the world and all seem to have the same crass, misogynistic, anti sex worker undertones to them but this specific one I found is terrible! guys talking about sex workers like we are the scum of the earth yet they frequent them and write really awful, degrading things about them, it's quite depressing. This makes me feel so strongly about my no review forum policy.

Many of the U.S escort girls have this policy and I'm going to jump on the bandwagon too. I would like to think that guys that book me would never partake in this kind of online disgusting behaviour but the thing is, you never know! I do accept a kind review on scarlet blue that doesn't divulge too much information about our private time together but that is all.

Because I frequent the U.S where escorting is deemed highly illegal therefore I do not want to go to jail over some silly man writing about me on a review board forum to boast to his online community of 'friends'. Those that have visited the U.S even for just a vacation know how interrogating and intimidating they can be at board security even when you have absolutely nothing to hide. Now they have brought in strict rules about vetting your identity and social media accounts so any slight clue of escorting could land me in big trouble. Just as I take all of your personal information discreetly and confidentially, I sincerely expect you to do the same for me.

i know this should really go without saying but there are so many escorts now talking their disgust for such websites, I'm surprised nobody has taken them to court over it. Some of these websites accept money from escorts for advertising and correct me if i'm wrong but I thought by collecting money from service providers for advertising you are therefore liable for the material provided on the website *shrugs cluelessly*

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