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Philanthropic Condoms!

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Hello Lovers

I am so happy to announce that I have found not only vegan condoms and lube, but... Paraben free and vegan condoms that safe lives?!
...So not only do these save animals lives, they save HUMAN lives too !

I have a number of philanthropic efforts, and you can be sure that a percentage of the revenue I get from a visit from you, goes directly to my causes. Now I have a new one-
Going to purchase a few boxes now and some vegan lube with NO CHEMICAL NASTIES.

On that topic, I am presenting a toxin-free living seminar , free, and giving samples and other FREEBIES as part of this. I create all of my own skincare, haircare and cleaning products and I believe it shows. I only receive compliments for my skin, feel, and taste, oh and very much so my smell.

Meanwhile. when they arrive, I may give you a little review....

Happy plastic-free July lovers, and please do check out this amazing product that is HERO condoms

XXX Amrita Aura

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