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It was a few days ago, and I had just had my profile go online. I was excited for my first ever booking working independently, something that was inevitable to occur for me in this industry that held a lot of 'firsts' which in time, I was associating experiences and memories with each one, rather than a lack of.

I received a text while I was at the gym, and hadn't had my phone with me. After building up a serious sweat, I came back to my locker, peered at the screen, to find that the text was indeed an inquiry for my first booking. I hadn't waited long and was excited. He wanted an incall, and I was eager for this to occur, as I had just set up the space, suited to this very purpose.

While showering, I imagined what he might be like, hoping he would be kind, easy going and hyping myself up to give him the best possible experience that I could. I picked up some little water bottles before I got in an uber to the location, I took a mental note that I should have a stocked mini bar, that would be a really nice touch, and I'm all about attention to detail.

Rushing a little, but confident that I was prepared, I arrived in perfect timing to give me the chance to ensure that everything was ready, tidy and waiting. I noticed that he was around five minutes late, and got a little concerned but knew that my buzzer was temperamental. I texted him, and he replied immediately that he was already waiting downstairs. Having been awaiting in my lingerie ensemble, I slipped on a dress for the sake of modesty to find him downstairs. I saw him outside the visitor entrance, his warm smile greeting me. I noticed a resident of the building in the vicinity, and noted how naughty this really was.

Leading him through the lift to the apartment, I was immediately comfortable, feeling the openness of his energy. I was immediately grateful that he was to be the first encounter I would have, and memory to associate with this 'first' experience. He informed me that he'd just finished a game of golf, and was visiting from Hong Kong. I appreciated his preference for an afternoon of leisure, and the decision to wind down after in my company. He freshened up in the shower, and I removed the dress, awaiting him in my lingerie.
I didn't know what to expect, although he'd booked the girlfriend experience, and I know how to slip into this role so smoothly it almost shocks me.

He definitely made it easy, caressing my skin gently, looking into my eyes and asking polite inquiries. I reciprocated the questions and we discovered a range of common interests that excited us both to discuss. He would stop to kiss me and truly in the nature of passionate lovers, we would fall into a trance of this, with tender touching simultaneously.
Aware of my role, but also sensitive to how he expressed he was feeling (very tired), I expressed the option for us to proceed further sexually.

Surprised by his response, he told me that he simply desired to keep talking and relax, holding, stroking and kissing me.
I was quite amazed, as this was starting to feel like the 'Boyfriend Experience' for me, that is, the boyfriend that I don't have but sometimes long for this nature of soft affection. We exchanged various recommendations, and he enlightened me on knowledge of his culture and industry of business. In that hour, I was learning a lot, while also feeling immensely appreciated and appreciative. Suffice to say, the time past far quicker than I realised, and I was still surprised by how he had chosen to spend our time together.
I was very pleased to see the noticeable grin across his face. He was visibly pleased, and appeared far more refreshed than when he'd arrived.

While I'd been not only ready, but eager to share a sexually intimate encounter together, this fulfilled me in a whole different way. Providing insight to the fact that every man's needs are different, and that should not only be aware of this but am very capable of adapting to it.

I knew that the nature of the encounter was very rare, but was grateful that my 'first' had been such a genuine, relaxed and pleasant encounter.
When he left, I knew it was goodbye as he was due to leave Sydney the following morning, however also initiated the thought to tour to Hong Kong and experience more of the perspective he had shared with me.

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