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The grand quintuplet of female orgasms

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Did you know that while men enjoy three types of orgasms (penis, anal and blended orgasms), women are blessed with a grand quintuplet of orgasms to choose from? That means 5 different orgasms! Yes, there truly is more than one stair case to heaven. Each release embodies a different sensation, and each orgasm requires a different approach. Master them all, and you might just have a woman at your mercy.

Away we go.

Clitoral orgasms
This is generally the first type of orgasm a woman will have, and the go-to for new sexual partners. Who knows why? Perhaps it’s because the clit is an external concentration of nerve mappings, making it easier to locate and coax to climax. Whether you’re rubbing it, flicking it, licking it or smacking it, remember that the clit incredibly sensitive. Generally, more is more and less is best. According to OMG Yes, the upper right quadrant of the clit is the key to an earth-shattering effect.

G-Spot orgasms
Lauded as a complete mystery by both men and women AND the incredibly sexist medical industry, the g-spot is in fact real.
So where is this magical button located? It’s location sits roughly 5cm-8cm inside your woman on the front wall of her juice pot. This ‘spot’ feels like a rough, ridged button, almost like the surface of a walnut. Curl you fingers in a come hither motion, and the effect can be more intense than a clitoral orgasm.

Anal orgasms
Whatever your gender, the anus and rectum are part of your sexual apparatus; the nerves and musculature are connected, and anal, rectal, and perineal stimulation all affect the genitals, both directly and indirectly, 
In women, anal penetration stimulates the erectile tissue in the lower part of the vagina and the G-spot. In men, vigorous perineal stimulation can be felt in the prostate.

Cervical orgasms
For myself, this is the holy grail of orgasms. More akin to rolling waves of pleasure than a concentrated climax, the experience is completely transcendental, spiritual, and life changing. A cervical orgasm really relies on length and girth of whatever you happen to be penetrating your girl with. This is why we have size queens.

Blended orgasms
Some of the best orgasms that women can experience are called blended orgasms — that’s when you experience a combination of orgasms at once. There are all kinds of nerve endings in your girl’s body, and when they all learn to play together, the effect is similar to a beautiful orchestral symphony.

So learn to play your girl right, fellas. The effect is truly titillating.

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