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This is a Blog Conglog….ie a conglomerate of events and news.

1. Last night I went on a Concert Date at Brisbane’s Tivoli theatre to watch the rather brilliant Angus and Julia Stone perform. My client adored them. I was pretty unfamiliar with them and wasn’t sure that I liked “folksy” bands.

Well – I was inspired by my client’s passion for music….what I walked away with was a few things. To name a couple-

• A reminder that music is good for me. Standing there in a crowded space for two hours holding on to my heavy handbag AND SKIPPING DINNER would usually drive me insane. It didn’t – I actually FELT the music, I listed closely to the various instruments – including banjo, Tamborine and trumpet! I was pleasantly surprised that they were incorporated into the band’s repository. The whole thing actually relaxed me, which is usually an impossible achievement.

• It reminded me that I listen to the news too much. I should sometimes just put music on. It helps me think in a different way; a not so analytical, assessing manner – more in a slowed down, creative sense. For a few hours, my busy mind disappeared!

2. Recently my client and I had another BRILLIANT Massage Day. Breakfast, massage, lunch, play. So much fun!!! I was truly relaxed on this day too – thanks to the massage, but more thanks to the company of client. I really felt super lucky.

Ok, a quick bit of news…..

3. This will be my last blog until I return from overseas. I am heading off to Iran and Turkey at the very end of October. I will be away until approximately the 6th of December. I am excited, a bit nervous and “busy-minded” juggling all the bits and pieces that need to be done beforehand, plus all my usual stuff ;)

So, if you would like to rendezvous with me, for however long or short, in whatever shape, form or format I strongly urge you to book your appointments well in advance. A lot of gentlemen assume being an escort means that I work nights. Sorry, this is usually not the case. I may consider an early evening booking, provided I have plenty of notice – ie a few days, so that I can re-work my schedule. Thank you. Happy spring-time people!!


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