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Snakes; the reptile variety in this instance, have always fascinated me. They way they move, their skin, their anatomy, they way they feed, their unblinking eyes, the list goes on. It's been a desire to own a pet snake. Last year I decided to indulge in this dream and purchased myself a hatchling Stimpson Python. I named him Charlie.

When Charlie joined my little family he was only 6 months old and 20cm long. The Stimpson is a small Python. It doesn't grow beyond 100cm. They are are very docile animal. Charlie has been well handled and has become a wonderful addition to the household.

Twelve months on Charlie has more than tripled his/her size (Snakes need to be at least 12 months before the sex can be determined). One day I check the enclosure for water and cleanliness, I notice Charlie is gone. Charlie has outgrown the enclosure and become strong enough to push open the lid of the terrarium. The snake has escaped!

There is now a live 70cm Python roaming freely in my home. I have searched high and low for this smooth criminal to no avail. Generally I enjoy waking up to a nice big manly snake. For the first time in my life I now live with the unpleasant thought of waking up to find a snake in my bed.

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