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Why no one takes " hello" texts seriously

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Dear gentlemen,

Increasingly over time, some of you have decided that sending " Hi" messages is appropriate. Well, most of us have learned through experience that 80% of " hello" messages never turn into actual bookings. However, there is 20% of you who think its ok to approach a lady with a " hi"message.

This post is for those 20% of gentlemen who are just inexperienced perhaps , uniformed or maybe even shy and start with a " hi" message.

If you are a genuine guy and want to see a lady, please do not send a " Hi" message. We just don't take them seriously. This is because we get so many of them which are a waste of our time and we don't respond to them, although I have been known to respond with " Low" when i have been amused or in a playful mood ( doesn't last long though) ... and have watched the confusion "???"
If you really want to meet that lady, let me suggest reading her advert. If she has a website, visit her website. Don't just look at the pretty pictures.
Actually read the information.
Then contact her with specific details and a request.

Don't send " Hi" messages if you actually want a response.
No one likes their time wasted.. why would you waste your own sending those messages?

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