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Love comes in many forms.

During the lead up to Valentines day, the media tend to depict a certain type of monogamous love. However, I feel love is more like ice cream with many different flavours, intensities and they’re all pretty damn good.

Around February 14th, many single people are often left feeling inadequate and missing out due to the commercialism around them. It’s almost as if you are incomplete or you feel there’s something wrong with you, because all your mates are shacked up. I am sure some couples just go out together for the sake of it!

If you are single like me, how about doing something special for yourself of that day? And then treat yourself every other day of the year too.

There are nowadays more singles than ever before, with many of them striving to get into a relationship. But just how do you live a happy life as a single person?
Many people wait until they are in a relationship to live the kind of life they want and to engage in the activities they love to do.

There are also many people who are in relationships, yet due to either lack of intimacy or communication, even sometimes both they feel single and alone.

Some people throw themselves in their business and forgo pleasure time and self-care, it is as if their accomplishments are the only things that matter.
Don’t forget that your life is happening RIGHT NOW and today is not a dress rehearsal for the day you are happier.

If you’ve been contemplating seeing an escort but put the idea on the back burner, ask yourself why. Why don’t you deserve the intimacy that you crave as soon as possible? Why not live out your fantasies – what are you waiting for?
Tomorrow is promised to nobody and only we are responsible for our own happiness.

If you have never had an escort dinner date before, you’ll be likely to find that taking a lovely lady out and conversing over dinner may also improve your communication & relationship skills as well as give you a boost of confidence you wouldn’t find anywhere else.

Happy Valentines day for the 14th to those I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and those whom I am yet to be pleasing.

Kisses, Aaliyah xo

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