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I was in my local cafe for my usual almond milk latte and a solo date of people watching from my preferred table. One of the waiters there struck up a conversation with me after he brought me my coffee. It was the usual friendly banter you have in a coffee shop.
“I have never met anyone as fascinating as you before,” he said. He was somewhat ashamed by his revelation and had to assure me he meant that statement in the nicest way possible.
I was taken aback for a moment. I never really thought of myself as being fascinating. I was just me. If anything, I used to regard myself as someone that never fits in with the crowd.

For as long as I can remember – I’ve always had interests and hobbies that were different from other people. I struggled to find any enjoyment in any of the popular hobbies shared by my peers. I liked what I liked and no matter how hard I tried, I was never able to find anyone who enjoyed the same things as I did.
I grew up in a small town in a different state, where unless I stood with girls at gatherings and gossiped about other people or spoke about what someone is wearing, then I wasn’t really anyone worth talking to. Incidentally, I did join the gymnastics team (which was an advantage entering the burlesque scene), but it was just something I did and I didn’t find it stimulating really.

It was more to do with me being me in my own unique way. I have a vast array of interests that, when merged together, fit me perfectly and make me to be that unique and vivacious Woman everyone sees today.

I still encounter many situations today where people make incorrect assessments of me based on my appearance or what type of person they presume me to be (without even having met me), and often they confess their misjudgement once they have interacted with me for a while. From an outsiders view I may look toppy nosed or superficial. I do have a habit of wearing some unique elegant fashion and not afraid of dressing up, but upon meeting me, although still vibrant, fun loving with an all positive outlook on life, I resemble your standard university student professional type. No one would ever suspect I am an Escort, or that I may have a very naughty, wild and kinky side.

Although it is not always an easy path, especially when more than ever media really forces an unrealistic/fake image to females of who they should be, what they should wear and some, I smile at my differences and accept them as what makes me a precious and unique soul walking on this planet. I am told so often by people that they have never met anyone like me before – I wonder if you will say the same upon meeting me?

As an Escort I get to interact with others from so many backgrounds and social situations in life’s rich tapestry, which the rigid procedural formality of the professional environment can never hope to provide or facilitate.

For some time I rejected the notion of ever being an Escort as I didn’t have what I “thought” was the right body, attributes or the huge pumped up titties. Oh how I was wrong to assume that all men want the same thing! I have since learned to love myself for my fair skin (which I used to throw false tan all over), my personality and wit I have learned is not so common in this industry and most importantly I have learned about new things I enjoy in and out of the bedroom while being there for others when they wish to indulge in the intimacy so lacking or live out hidden fantasies.

I enjoy being me, not some basic “normal” that others expect me to be. That age old question fits perfectly here - what is normal anyway? And what box must an Escort fit into?
We know what it is like to be judged because of who we are or what we do. We know what it is like to feel like outsiders. We know what it is like to try and conceal our differences to fit in. But fitting in is the opposite of being yourself. It leaves you sick and hollow inside.
What we all really crave is to belong. When we are accepted despite, or even because of our differences, we have found our true self.

So my advice is to take the risk of hearing and being heard. By telling your story you invite others to understand you, and to understand themselves better as well.
Though we may never escape all judgment and criticism, we can learn to value our own unique perspective of life and the world we live in.
Then at least we can stop judging ourselves. Don’t sacrifice your unique potential to pursue being normal or to fit in to the expectations held by others. We all have more to offer than that.

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