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Our five senses of sight, sound, smell, taste and touch are amazing tools to explore sensuality and eroticism. By suppressing or enhancing the senses i like to create and experience all kinds of exciting pleasures.
Here are some things that i have experimented with that i would like to share which hopefully will inspire you in your own sensual adventures.

Touching my partner with items of different texture and temperatures. My mini burlesque feather fans, a piece of silk, the tips of my fingernails. Sometimes i experiment with things that have been heated or cooled, such as warm oil or ice-blocks, and i love my special oral sex spray which takes things to new levels. Use everyday items: his tie, lace panties or if in the shower or bath a loofah is nice as the pressure can be light or more firm. The possibilities are endless.

Try doing it blindfolded, or with your lovers hands tied for a different effect (of course with their consent!). Blocking out the main sense of sight heightens the others, as can being restrained in some way (keeping in mind that not everyone is comfortable with restraint). If you are curious about such an experience then my dream kinky girlfriend experience may just be what you have been dreaming about, more details on my website.

On extended dates i enjoy feeding my lover by having a selection of delicious items that they can’t see, and mix them up (salted peanuts and chocolate!), perhaps we can feel the coldness of fruit or (as per one of my online reviews - birthday cake!).

I love to set the mood for arousal and i almost always have scented candles or an oil burner in the room. I would love to use scented oils more often - although you will need to let me know this is okay firstly as they can be strong and may not disappear in just one shower. I don't want you going back to the office or home smelling like a romantic getaway!

I always have music playing in the background, and the type of music varies, noting the type of experience we will be sharing, i like to alternate between alternative R&B, jazz and soul. Even when i step into your hotel room, i will always ask you if you'd like music - i love creating playlists.

And of course sight which is the main sense. Try simply looking at each other, holding the gaze for a number of minutes. Have one look at the other, just simply looking - this can be initially confronting for the receiver, but will then become so arousing. I love to wear the finest lingerie for my lovers which i hope is admired greatly before it's peeled off.

Then combine all the elements in various ways. This is wonderful play that arouses and pleasures without even having to yet involve the genitals necessarily. The possibilities are endless and only limited by our imaginations.

So go ahead and play! Become a sensual explorer and experiment with sensation and the senses to take yourselves to new heights of eroticism and sensuality.

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