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A day date to remember? Here are some ideas.

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As my day dates are becoming increasingly popular, i was thinking about date destinations.

My suitors enjoy spending time in my cosy retreat, but life is all about mixing it up though, right? The moments we spend outside of the boudoir can be just as intimate.

Some of you may be nervous on how to connect so a day date is a great icebreaker as we have 4 hrs to build our intensity doing something that we both enjoy before looking forward to closing the door for another 4.

Maybe there's a new activity you have always wanted to try but nobody show interest to tag along? A cooking or art class, exhibition, sports event or show perhaps? Let’s reset our batteries and immerse ourselves in nature?
This is where i come in, i am more easygoing than you may think and a bit of a daredevil too, so yes, i will skydive with you. I draw the line at race cars though, for reasons i won't delve into here.

As i will be touring mostly in 2018 i would love for you to show me your city. Whether that is the produce markets of Adelaide, galleries of Victoria or Tasmania, a fishing trip in Perth and the list goes on. I a very much into trying new things. I am also available for day dates via my "fly me to you" option, as there are cities that i won't have the chance to tour.

If you are visiting Melbourne from another city while I am also in Melbourne, why not let me know a few of your interests as i am happy to curate a plan for us to explore. Allow me to be your extended tour guide.

The possibilities are endless on activities for us to share. All you have to do is ask me and we can arrange it!

So in 2018 why not open your mind to new wonders, all of those fun ideas that you've been suppressing can be lived out with this fun, charismatic young lady before the passion indoors.

I appreciate you reading my ideas. I hope that i have ignited a desire to venture out and try those things you have always wished to do so. Life is too short to pass up fun opportunities.

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