Scarlet Blue. A powerhouse for the promotion of independent escort services

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Scarlet Blue is an innovative powerhouse that works tirelessly to promote the business interests of our independent escorts.

We have a commanding presence, featuring on the front page of search engines for the most popular escort search terms Australia wide. Our website provides more features and opportunities for our escorts to promote themselves than any other escort directory in Australia. 

In addition to our prominence and large social media following, Scarlet Blue is constantly being improved and updated with new features for our private escorts to promote themselves, as well as for their clients private enjoyment.

By using the tools available at their fingertips and the features of our website, our independent escort advertisers can unlock their potential to reach many thousands of website visitors, Blue Room members and social media followers every day.

When Scarlet Blue first went online in early 2014, we offered a free trial period for our advertisers. We did not begin to start charging advertising fees until we could see that our website was receiving high traffic; gaining traction on social media, and was prominent on the search engines (on page 1 for many popular escort search terms). It was very important for us to know that we could deliver results for our escorts, and provide the best return on their advertising investment.

When Scarlet Blue first started charging our escort advertising fees, the prices were $66 per month for the Standard package and $132 per month for the City Premium package. These prices were much lower than most other competing escort directories. Fast forward to today, mid August 2016 and nothing has changed. Scarlet Blue still offers the same competitive prices to our advertisers, only with a big difference: We have dramatically increased the number features included. Our prices have not changed since day 1.

Since first going online, Scarlet Blue's website traffic has increased immensely. Scarlet Blue members area, the Blue Room, has also experienced unprecedented growth, with clients having the ability to save information and receive notifications for their favourite escorts.

Our website offers more features and tools for promotion than any other escort directory. Scarlet Blue is also one of the most prominent escort directories in Australia.

We know that you want the best ... we offer more.

Our in house programmers and technical department work tirelessly to make upgrades to the Scarlet Blue website, to provide an exceptional service for both our escorts and their clients. We have invested heavily in infrastructure to make our website the most enjoyable user experience for the private escorts who we are fortunate to have advertising with us, as well as their clients.

We are dedicated to providing you with an experience that you will truly enjoy. All the while, providing an outstanding customer service that Scarlet Blue is well known for, as well as maintaining our same low escort advertising fees.

It is our intention to provide a beautiful, elegant and respectful platform that brings the respect to the escort industry that it so rightly deserves. We share our vision with you, a broad reach of a select few – and this for an industry we love and we are part of.

We will not disappoint.

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