The intrigue, the mystery and the curiosity of the private escort

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What  better industry than the escort industry, and if you are reading this then I can say with a degree of confidence that you do share some of the excitement and emotion, that you are intrigued by the mystery and its curiosity.  It is glamorous, it is rich, addictive and very pleasurable, and it feels so good. Welcome to the world of the private escort.

I am sure you must agree, nothing can really compete with this kind of experience and although so much is written, there’s always a little more that can be said.  It takes two to tango, so for every and each intimate encounter to fulfil every need, be physical or emotional or both, you must adhere to some simple rules of engagement.

Being respectful, gentle and caring is a prerequisite, so must always take center stage in all of our actions. It builds a good rapport and trust in the early stages, and it carries you through all the way to the final act, making the experience being with your escort perfect.

The escort industry has seen many changes over the last 25 years, most notably the effect the digital age had in the way escorts advertise and communicate their services. But one thing has remained constant, one thing alone that some of the clients seem to be reluctant accepting. The escort is in command, and her very special time which she is sharing with you, is strictly conditional.

The financial side of the business does not imply (as a small minority of clients may think) the right to offend, to be disrespectful or rude and intimating. For some who may want or feel they can cross  the line as they please, it's time to change attitudes and learn.

Whatever the arrangement you have with your escort, it is personal and strictly confidential, and must stay that way.   

Earlier I wrote about the intrigue and the mystery that emanates from the ladies of the world, the beautiful courtesans, the ever alluring independent escorts inflaming passions.  If you want her to always remember you, and secretly lust after you, treat her like a princess. 
I know .... I’ve been there.
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