Your Scarlet Blue In 2017

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We have closed another chapter in time, 2016 is now spent and all of our hopes and aspirations kindly welcome another year.
Behind us is a trail that clearly marks the path we took, the milestones we reached, those promises we made and fulfilled. As we begin a new year in 2017, there are so many exciting things that we have in store for you. 

We measure our success by the ability to service your needs and provide the platform and tools to successfully pursue your business interests.

Whilst we work with the discipline and focus necessary to ensure the quality of our service is outstanding and never fails, at the same time we are thinking of new approaches, developing new features and creating better tools. 

We will never stop bringing to all of our advertisers, our members, and to the hundreds of thousands of visitors visiting Scarlet Blue every month the best and the finest adult directory. 

So let us see at a glance what happened in 2016, and what to expect this coming new year 2017.

Some of the most popular features released in 2016

  • improvements to our Blue Room members area, including new features, more notification options, and personal encryption for private notes
  • a fully customisable email web form for our escorts
  • our innovative and powerful promotional tool, Social Media Management For Private Escorts
  • international tours - the ability for our escorts to program and promote their international tours, for no extra cost
  • image voting - an exciting, interactive feature where clients can vote for their escorts favourite image, and our escorts can then select that image as their thumbnail
  • the ability for clients to select a favourite image when posting an escort review
  • Scarlet Blue’s 24 hour help centre for our advertisers
  • the ability for our escorts to write their own tweet, select their Twitter image, and personalise the way we promote them on Twitter
  • the ability for our private escorts to tweet Available Now to their own twitter timeline
  • important hide my profile features

Here are just some of the new features and improvements we have in store for you in 2017

  • huge upgrades to our Blue Room members area, including the ability to personalise the display and layout, further customisation of notifications, plus many options for clients to store personal information, for their eyes only
  • more advanced subscription options for our escort tours
  • new layout options for our advertisers, including the ability to choose and arrange the order of their images
  • important internal notifications for our private escorts in their members area
  • new additional options for tweets in our Social Media Management For Private Escorts feature
  • interactive and exciting new features for our advertisers to promote their upcoming escort tours, specials and News and Announcements 
  • intense focus on Scarlet Blue escort web design, with many more beautiful new layouts and aesthetics. We will be adding new features to the escort websites to make them more interactive, and creating a simpler user interface for our private escorts to update their personal websites. What we actually plan to do here will be truly impressive
  • Scarlet Blue is working on a complete management system for all our independent escorts business needs
  • we will be making many small updates to our website to enhance the user experience. Constantly fine tuning and making adjustments based upon client and escort feedback. It is our intention to make our website faster, sharper and easier to navigate than ever before
  • we will be focusing on specialised services provided by our private escorts, based on escort feedback and user requests
  • new improved menu to increase the ease of use and functionality of our website
  • we will be adding many more search filters to our website in 2017 and refining the existing search filters, including the ability to filter your search by suburb
  • Scarlet Blue will be working hard to incorporate many ideas and suggestions given to us by our escorts, clients, visitors and members. Your feedback is invaluable, and assists us in making further improvements to our website

Many of the above features for 2017 have been in development for some time now. We have been working behind the scenes designing, creating and testing these features to ensure a smooth user experience when they are rolled out starting in early 2017. Others are still under development, and have been scheduled to be rolled out over a period of months.

In our year end blog in December 2015, SCARLET BLUE - A DIRECTORY LIKE NO OTHER we promised you a long list of new features, upgrades and smarter navigation earmarked for 2016 - all of which have been delivered flawlessly, and loved by many. 

2017 will be a far more powerful and exciting year than ever before. We will not disappoint. We are Scarlet Blue. 

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