Writing an escort review - how much detail?

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There are not many subjects in the escort world that spark quite as much debate as that of escort reviews. It is something that each and every escort will have her own opinion on, and that opinion can differ dramatically from one lady to the next. This opinion can be based upon past experience, and whether that experience was positive or extremely negative.

On a personal level, as an independent escort myself for many years I was in two minds about reviews. I enjoyed the fact that a client had taken time out to account for the enjoyable time we spent together. A positive, well written and respectful review can be something quite beautiful, and is flattering to the escort as a person, as well as good for her business.

A discreet account of a beautiful intimate encounter can also be a pleasure to read. It entices and excites the reader, leaving enough to the imagination to make them wanting to find out more… for themselves.

But what about detailed reviews? The kind that go into elaborate detail, and describe every part of the act in such detail that even the escort herself blushes to read it. Well, this is a difficult subject matter, as every escort has her own opinion about how much detail should be said about herself, her physical description and the erotic activities that she entertained.

Some escorts do like very detailed reviews. The more information the better, and they enjoy reading the salacious details.
They see it as it as a positive for their business, and on a personal note they really enjoy it.

On the other side, there are many escorts who do not like detailed reviews.
Some feel very strongly about the matter, and are passionately opposed to the release of such personal, detailed and intimate information. An escort will not describe details of your encounter with her friends, and she would like to be confident that the same discretion and confidentiality is returned.

So as a client, how do you know which way to go?
After all, if you stay at a beautiful hotel or dine in a fine restaurant, it is perfectly acceptable to write a review based upon on your personal experience.

How do you know what information to write about your escort?
Here are a few pointers, which will help to steer you in the right direction.

Although an escort may be in the business of sex, it does not mean that she would like every detail of her naked body or sensual activities to be described in detail. Some ladies may be very happy for you to do so – many others may not. What you think is a very well written account of your intimate time spent together may be to an escort an invasion of something that she would prefer to keep between the two of you.

Escorts will generally fall under four categories:

Those that enjoy reviews that are respectful, positive and discreet, with no intimate details.
Those who enjoy any kind of positive review, from the very discreet to the most explicit detail.
Those who hate and despise reviews with a passion, and do not want any account of the intimate and private time you have shared together.
Those who have mixed feelings, but are appreciative once a discreet and positive review is given.

If you would like to praise your escort and tell others what an incredible companion she was to spend time with, the best way would be to write a review that does not go into too much personal detail and explicit description. There are many reviews written on Scarlet Blue that are perfect examples.

For anything a little more detailed, daring and raunchy – it is best to ask the lady before posting it online.
She will appreciate the gesture, and you will show yourself to be a gentleman.

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