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Down the alley way, the cafe scene is the cultural heartbeat of the inner city. So it seems to be and much happens there. Now ear dropping is not my practicing religion, but such was the set up on the cobble stones of that particular cafe, that left me with no choice. What got my attention was the subject matter, promiscuity and alas such behavior driven by the loose morals and acceptance of sex outside marriage. Obviously this was an exchange between two ultra conservative minds. What made the conversation unique was the part where much of the bad stuff was contributed to the sex industry, the escorts in particular in the fore front leading the charge. Obviously there was some retardation in reasoning where the solution suggested by the two protagonist was a real proposition. Take the escorts out of our society and society will right itself up, and the scary part is this school of thought is not uncommon among some people.

Well okay, that was just an opinion that I must disagree but before turning off the light and walk out of here, I have a few interesting things to share with you.

A recent article I wrote here was about art and erotism, and this will be followed in the future by a short series of well-known artists who left their mark of genius on so many priceless works that many at the time were criticized as being immoral and promiscuous. Whatever the case and scandalous offerings that made headlines and caused rattle rattle these men and women were not escorts, nor had they worked in the sex industry in some other capacity. They just loved life, and they made sure you got to know that.

You must have heard of Frida Kahlo, the greatest woman surrealist painter of all times. A bisexual, Frida was known to have many affairs with both women and men. A very passionate woman, highly sexually charged and not afraid to show it. Married to another great painter, Mexican muralist Diego Rivera the two led a most promiscuous life style. Diego was surrounded by married women, single women, courtesans, studio models and private escorts. He loved them all, and so did Frida.

Victor Hugo, the author of known classics such as Les Miserables and the hunchback of Notre Dame had a lifelong mission to write and copulate. Satisfying his ravenous libido had resulted in hundreds of partners, many of which were private escorts, courtesans, and mistresses. Victor had the lot and he kept it up and solid rock until he gave up the ghost at a smoking 83.

John Barrymore, stage and screen star early 20th century, went to India for enlightenment and he found it inside a brothel in Calcutta. He was taken on crash course of indoctrination and pleasure in the delights of Kama Sutra. He was so much taken by this new found faith and head pleasure, he rented a whole brothel in madras for a week. Now this is true commitment without ulterior motives. He continued the practice home with other escorts, and houses of the rising sun.

George Gershwin, American composer of Porgy and Rhapsody in Blue, a very successful and indeed popular man with ladies. They, the ladies flocked to him, yet he wanted more – much more – and so much more that he found himself in the company of private escorts and brothels. His only complaint, it was a little too expensive….hmmmm …

Napoleon the Bonaparte the French emperor, military genius reformer and lover. He stated his first sexual encounter was an escort, but certainly not the last.

Ernest Hemingway had always loved his prostitutes who he gave nicknames of distinction. These escorts became the central core for characters in his stories and his true friends. When one of them, an escort called Leopoldina died, he was the only mourner at her funeral, he actually paid for all the expenses.

So, next time I go to my bohemian cafe I’ll slip a copy of this under the table for thought re alignment. Maybe it’s the other way around, and we the escorts simply keep the world from falling over.

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