Opinion - the escorts, their price, the client

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Escort’s monetary figure of their service is based upon many factors. It’s a personal thing, which reflects unconditionally what she believes is the true value of her service.

How an escort arrives at any particular value expressed in dollars, pounds or Euros is her business, and for the rest of us it is either accepting it, or walk.

Of course there are many people out there who will disagree with me on this, and argue that although she is entitled to charge any price, it does not mean she deserves to be paid that money. They argue that it is excessive, too expensive, not that hot, too restrictive… too much of this, too little of that… This is the fine print of small talk, and it is an endless stream constantly rating the true value of the escort by many men.

The nature of the service the escort is providing is both very physical and emotional – there is nothing out there that can compare even remotely, it is as personal as it can get. She knows who she is, but has no idea who you are. Yet in a very short period of time she must learn about you, satisfy you, and in many ways be part of you.

Every escort makes a careful and conscious decision regarding her fees, and it is expected this fee to be non-negotiable. If you can’t accept it, at least respect her position and choose another escort. It is the right thing to do.

I respect that everyone is entitled to his or her opinion. We can express such opinion and share it with others, but I believe everyone should understand the sensitivities involved and exercise caution, restraint and a lot of discretion.

There are many Gentlemen who understand that, and agree. Others feel that they can drag any escort to the gutter. A very negative approach by some – and counter-productive.

If financial reasons makes it difficult to see that particular private escort, you can always find another that you can afford. If you believe she should be charging less for her service, it is your view, not hers. And to allow emotions and frustration to take hold and lead to unreasonable arguments is foolish.
Negotiating the price is not the right thing to do, neither is to offer more money for a service she point blank refuses to provide. Either approach is not appropriate and should be avoided.

As a private escort myself over many years, I can’t imagine anything more insulting and offensive – particularly the offering of more money for something which I was vehemently against.

I had a long list of regular clientèle who were the most beautiful people, and true Gentlemen. There was mutual respect and understanding, I was appreciated and I gave them my very best. We spoiled each other, and they spoiled me even more. And there were those whose acquaintance was short, but just as beautiful and interactive.

What is left is a sad lot that need to change their behavioural patterns, and understand that we don’t share their excitement.

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