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Commissioning a photo shoot is a decision that most private escorts will have to consider, and must do.
The competition amongst the private escorts has intensified, and lacking the professional presentation best expressing those lines, the sensual curves, the personality, the beautiful escort that is you, is an oversight that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Today we have at our disposal many tools to self-create a portfolio with the intention of publishing it. Even if you can achieve a satisfactory result, it will be no match to the expertise of the professional photographer. You are a private escort and those images are at the forefront of your business, so you must reach out and mesmerize your client, make him see you and lust after you. This is the objective.

Imagination has its limits, like a line of sight meeting the horizon and cannot see beyond. It’s important to understand that your prospective client can only see so much of you, and imagine just a little more of you, but the rest of you, the essential part of you falls beyond that horizon. He can stand there looking at your photo but he sees very little – the power of suggestion of your photograph is missing. I’m referring to the power of suggestion that remains intact forever. When imagination is no longer limited and the eye is anticipating the pleasures suggested, a process of connection has just begun, which is instrumental to his arousal and the need to have you.

Capturing that essence of you and allowing the client to indulge in his search for satisfaction is an art form that needs all of your attention.

It is important that you choose a good photographer, their portfolios can point you in the right direction. Study their work, see their style, and talk to them. Commissioning a photo shoot is an investment with many happy returns.
Having said that, it is just as important for those who have made that investment and are now exhibiting a stunning array of sensual images to stay on top of it – periodically refresh them with new images, different lingerie, a new theme. Men are very visual, and erotic images are powerful stimuli.

Brothels and many reputable escort agencies do their best to promote those escorts they employ, and quality photography is always one of the requirements.
Sadly, some private escorts don’t see the importance of presenting themselves in a similar fashion. They are beautiful women – stunning as a matter of a fact – but for reasons known only to themselves, they shy away from competing with their peers.

I must repeat myself once more by making the point that imagination is limited, imagination adapts itself and imagination needs suggestiveness.
Desire and the fulfilment of such desire is subject to you being the object of that desire, and only you the private escort can satisfy.

The raising of your thigh, the shadows, the light, the careful arrangement of your hair, the makeup complimenting and enhancing your mystique, the lingerie. Here is the making of a fantasy that arouses and excites through a collection of images that summarizes the beauty of you.

Sensual erotic photography should be a high priority in every private escort’s mind.


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