Escorts – the folly of misrepresentation

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When looking for an escort, there are three main categories for the client to choose from. The independent escorts, the escort agencies and the brothels.
In this blog, I would like to take the brothels out of the equation and touch on the other two.

Ideally you find your private escort advertising her service on a reputable escort directory, or through a good and efficient escort agency. She will arrive on time, and she is every bit of what you expected, saw or have been told.
But as it happens, this perfect alignment is not what you experience from time to time, and it leaves you … well, let’s say kind of angry and disappointed.
One of the main disappointments sadly is the practice where independent escorts and escort agencies use fake profile photos and misleading descriptions. Another is escort agencies using the bait and switch routine, or pretending to be independent escorts – it all amounts to deception really which in the long run is very damaging to our quest for quality, authenticity and service.

With private escorts, long term clientele, or regular punters as they are known, are generally savvy and can spot a fake profile from a real one. They have experience, and have possibly been through situations in the past where they have been accidentally or purposefully mislead. But first time clientele from time to time are left with a foul taste, and a dosage of justifiable anger.

The same applies to the escort agencies as well, this time the culprit is not the escort herself but the management of that particular agency and their policies.

To this day, I am constantly surprised by the number of independent escorts and escort agencies who try to mislead clientele with deceptive advertising in order to secure a booking.

My association with the industry spans approximately 20 years, of which over 15 were active as an escort. My professional career began with an agency. For a fee, the agency would look after the telephone calls and bookings, and I would look after the client. The arrangement suited me well … for a while.

But as I grew in my experience, knowledge and confidence I also grew in awareness that the agency was not representing me accurately – and at times, was outright deceitful. On a regular basis I would arrive at a booking only to be told that I was not tall enough, fat enough, not busty or blonde enough. Regardless of the client’s request of age, size or hair colour, the agency would send me. Sometimes I was meant to be a completely different nationality – French, English, Spanish.
I would receive complaints that I was 3 hours late, when the agency had only given me the booking 45 minutes earlier.

Sadly it is a common practice amongst some to secure a booking with a client by promising time frames that cannot be met.

Inaccurate and misleading descriptions of escorts were also given, with the hope that once the escort arrives and looks completely different to what was described, the client will feel too embarrassed to turn her away or out of time to reschedule another escort.

Many private escort directories too, follow a line of irresponsible and careless handling of their advertising platforms – very much to the disappointment of the client.

There are no winners when such practices are used in the industry. The client feels ripped off, the escort suffers due to loss of repeat clientele, and those in the escort industry who are doing the right thing also suffer, as there is a lack of trust on behalf of the client – quite understandably.

There are outstanding escort directories and many outstanding escort agencies. They are professional, always maintaining that line of excellence. Their role in the industry is a very important one. My discussion here is about those doing the wrong thing, on all sides.

At the helm of Scarlet Blue, I see history repeating itself. Every day we receive escorts signing up to our website. We are fortunate to receive the profiles of beautiful, authentic and independent escorts. Unfortunately, there are countless others that are rejected. Many supply images that are not their own. We have the technology and the means to detect when fraudulent images are being used. We simply say no. Others are being represented by escort agencies. We don’t dictate with whom an escort should or should not affiliate with, providing her number and e-mail is directed to her personally we accept her. If not, then it’s no again.

We are not a platform for agencies or brothels. And we endeavour to keep the integrity of Scarlet Blue, by filtering those private escorts using fake images of overseas models or porn stars. We are very selective, to maintain a high level of trust between escort and client, and ensure the service we deliver is one of quality for both our private girls and their clientele.

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