Escorts - Icons of pleasure on a pendulum

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Only a few years ago having a tattoo was anti-social, smoking was very social, and being heterosexual was the norm.

Rewind a century, and dare go out with a dress higher than the ankle or swim bikini style on a beach… imagine going topless, god forbid.
Children outside marriage were stigmatized, and couples of the same gender stoned… (Nearly)
Sex is bad and good, just ask the medieval people. The list of do’s and don’ts goes on and on …….

So what I’m really saying is that each season carries its own morality code and ethics, which for most seem to be the cultural thing of the day, body and soul. The moral compass always pointing to the standards of its time.

Fashion follows the same route, and adheres loosely within the boundaries strictly set by the modern gurus of the day. The only constant is that there isn’t any, and our school of thought on many moral issues and attitudes resembles those herrings in deep blue water – omnidirectional, three dimensional, and unpredictable.

Religion has always been a safe harbour for most, but sex is the deepest port for all. You may be agnostic for many unknowns, and you may reject convincingly the most obvious – but nobody escapes from the gravitational pull of sex. So it’s really a paradox that the most powerful of all our needs and the most pleasurable has suffered the most horrific abuse and constant beatings. Dirty, sinful, immoral, damnation, fear and guilt. All these horrors for the sex act alone, even among the married ones… what chance did the sex worker stand selling it for profit?
For the escort of the day it was the luck of the draw, depending on the calendar. She was either partially accepted and tolerated, or totally rejected and punished.
This time, in our century, the pendulum is swinging hard towards the positive.

Celibacy, vows of chastity, puritanism, the cleansing of the soul… the virgin body, the unpolluted mind. I respect those who want to follow this path – but I expect the same respect for those who do not.

Imagine a world without prostitution, not being able to text an escort, or go to a brothel, try an escort agency.
Maybe the fact that the escort girl has always been there, the implications of not being there never became critical. We are simply accepting it being there, like running water – and we take it for granted.

In my earlier writing I mentioned the thorn of religion, but I must clarify that no religion in its philosophy has taken a stand against sex – neither has it crucified prostitution. The men of the cloth expediently high-jacked the written word to create their own sub religion, suitable only to their interests… which of course was the control of the mind.
And no better control than making the most basic need a sin, and outlawing those willing to service that need – the escorts.

The sexual revolution is an ongoing event, always exciting and orgasmic. Sex is fun, the escort is fun, so why censor sexual pleasure?

We have so much to choose from, and our technology is making the destinations very accessible and personal.
Every escort world wide is ready to talk to you, and for the discerning gentleman the choice is his to explore.

If the escorts you seek are a little more than just a once off affair, if you love the social media scene, you can be part of a network that is getting bigger and more personal.

The whole scene, like a carnival in motion… the images of escorts are a click away, you can scroll and read and imagine. Whatever you need you can find – and sex is what we all need.

Who knows what they will do or think in 200 years from now… who cares really? The escort of today enjoys the best time of all times, and their reputation as courtesans of pleasure is on the rise.


Image credit: Chris Barker

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