Don't end up on an escort's blacklist - The right thing to do

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I don’t believe there are many men, and women, who have not flirted with the idea of seeing an escort at some point in their lives.

Most of us have done it at least once, and many of us a lot more than just once.
We also have the faithful hardcore elite, who follow just about every escort and many men have seen most of them.

But there seems to be a particular group of people who are practising how to make themselves unsavoury – and reserve a place on the ladies blacklist.

There is no substitute for stupidity, and alas sometimes no remedy. These people will continue to exist, and the blacklist with their names in it will continue to grow.

There are two categories: the time wasters, who love to do just that – waste an escorts time with little regard about her affairs.
Then there are those who do go ahead with the booking… but the kind of person you only want to see once, and never again.

This is particularly bad because those parties seem to have no respect for their companion. The kind that believes that because they pay, they have an open ticket… everything goes, all is theirs… and foolishly think the escort is their property.

You are a time waster if you text your escort with your enquiry, but you have absolutely no intention of booking her.
Okay, you just had a good laugh and stood in front of the mirror and kissed yourself, congratulating your odd behaviour… but remember that for the rest of us, men and women alike – you are a loser.

You are a time waster if you book your escort and set the place and time – then you cancel intentionally.
You are a time waster if you are dishonest and a liar… it underlines a personality that has little respect, and shows no appreciation for a companion who is offering a professional service.

There are genuine cancellations, but if you must cancel your booking on the 11th hour, it is only prudent that you pay your escort the full fee of her service.

We all face from time to time those unforeseen circumstances that will demand a cancellation, sadly, and it really has nothing to do with being disingenuous. Now, here is how we prove to be a real Gentleman.
Pay for the full service… even a tip.

Look after your escort and show her that you are exceptional.  She will return to you with a lot more that you can possibly imagine.

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