A long road

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It certainly hasn’t been easy, and to suggest that the next few months will be any different, I don’t think so.

But one thing is certain, one thing that stands alone.
This production house, this art house, this machine endlessly turning, will bring something so unique and innovative – the like and kind the industry has never seen before.

We have ideas, and we have the team that breathes life into these ideas.
We are focused and disciplined, informed and we have a vision.

The Scarlet Blue idea began many years ago… 
A long road indeed, with many leading roles and chapters, scenes and volumes.
I wasn’t even born then, I never saw the start.
But I’m privileged to be associated with the person who did, and proud of my own contribution in the industry in the later years.

Scarlet Blue the directory as a brand is the product of a year’s research, processing ideas and experimenting with new concepts.

It involved in parts the participation of people from Germany, England, Italy and Poland.
The above destinations contributing talent, material and technical expertise.

The mechanisms responsible for the artistic and technical design are being monitored by a team of dedicated people, whose services are exclusive to Scarlet Blue.
It simply means we can bring something really beautiful to you.
We share our vision with you, a broad reach of a select few – and this for an industry we love and we are part of.

We will not disappoint.

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